# who am I?

My name is João [ʒuˈɐ̃w] and I am a software developer. I was born in Brazil but am currently working in Dublin, Ireland. I like to play around with new technologies and I am not afraid to learn new stuff. It does not matter how complex or different it might be, I'll try to build something cool with it. You can find me on GitHub and Linkedin

I <3 open source

# recent interests

As usual, I've been playing around with lots of different tools lately. Some of them are, but not limited to: dagster, nginx, nuxt, vue, render, AWS lambdas, postgres

# cool projects

Some of my personal projects which I am most fond of. For more, you can check my GitHub @meyer1994

# ipgit

A git remote server that allows push/pull of git repos and saves all data into IPFS

# gitserver

An extremely simple git http server created using python in order to learn how git over http works

# saaslite

Querying static files using SQL. Service running on AWS lambdas that allows any user to upload files, csv, json, sqlite and allows querying those files via SQL using a http interface

# rooms

Websocket rooms/channels made easy. Service running on Render to help people build realtime applications easily

# mongrest

My attempt on creating a Supabase like experience using mongo

# camel-discord

Apache Camel component to interact with Discord

# μcloud

Web server which provides some commonly needed functionallity, rest, queues and static files that can be configured to use multiple backends for each feature